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Beyoğlu, İstanbul
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About Event

We are excited for you to join us at Datapalooza!

Our newly announced agenda includes a full day of talks from leading experts in the world of data infrastructure and a keynote from Ethereum Co-Founder, Vitalik Buterin. Join us as we dive into the needs of data, R&D tooling, dapp use cases, analytics, LLMs, and tooling across The Graph Ecosystem, web3, and more!

Mid-day, we’ll enjoy a three course lunch break with opportunities for networking and community.  

Datapalooza Main Stage Agenda   

  • 10:00AM - From Solutions to Standards: Extracting and Exposing Data in Web3 - Adam Fuller, Edge & Node

  • 10:30AM - EigenDA: Hyperscale Data Availability for Rollups - Vyas Krishnan, Eigenlayer

  • 11:00AM - Exploring Ethereum Mempool, Orderflow & MEV- Danning Sui, Flashbots

  • 11:30AM - Break

  • 11:45AM - Challenges with extracting Ethereum Node Data: a Case Study from Otterscan - Willian Mitsuda, Otterscan

  • 12:00PM - Graphcast - A Gossip Network - Hope Yen, GraphOps

  • 12:30PM - Saturn: A new Web3 CDN built on IPFS and Filecoin - Ansgar Grunseid, Protocol Labs

  • 1:00PM - Lunch Break

  • 2:00PM - EIP-4844 - Vitalik Buterin

  • 2:30PM - PANEL: ETH Clients & EIP-4444 - Mark Holt, Erigon; Ahmad Bitar, Nethermind; Aidan, Chainsafe; Mark Tyneway, Optimism; Marius van der Wijden, Geth

  • 3:15PM - The Graph and Preserving Historical Data After EIP-4444 - Seve Sisneros, Semiotic

  • 3:45PM - UniswapX: How Data Analytics Shape Gas-Free Swapping - Riley Campbell, Uniswap

  • 4:00PM - Break

  • 4:15PM - Bringing High-Performance SQL Queries to The Graph - Sam Green, Semiotic

  • 4:45PM - AI-Generated Apps on top of Open Data Lakes - Ivan Morozov, DataOS

  • 5:15PM - PANEL: LLMs on Top of Web3 Data - Anirudh Patel, Semiotic | Ivan Morozov, DataOS | Richard Blythman, AlgoveraAI | hildobby, Dragonfly

Datapalooza Workshop Agenda

  • 10:30AM - Combining Multiple Subgraphs with Graph Client - Simon Schmid, Edge & Node

  • 11:45AM - Developing Substreams - Enol Álvarez de Prado, StreamingFast

  • 2:30PM - Running an Indexer on The Graph - Alex Baboi, StakeSquid

  • 4:30PM - Use Chainlink Functions to Implement Trading Strategy by Connecting The Graph API and Uniswap Router - Andrej Rakic, Chainlink

As a friendly reminder, this event is oversubscribed and entrance will be granted to attendees with confirmed registration, only. Upon entry, please have your QR code ready to expedite the process. Please remember to arrive early to ensure admittance. Given the capacity limitations, we cannot guarantee in and out privileges.

If you are unable to attend, we kindly ask you to cancel your registration as a courtesy to those on the waitlist.

We look forward to seeing you soon!