Prince William Reveals Prince Philip's Health Condition

Feb 22 (Mon), 6:30 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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The news about Prince Philip being treated at the hospital had been revealed since a few days ago. Prince William revealed that the grandfather is currently doing well under the supervision of doctors.

"Doctors are watching him," said Prince William during a visit at the King's Lynn vaccination center, Norfolk, as reported by SKY News.

Prince Philip has been treated at the King Edward VII Hospital since last Tuesday until now. At that time, Prince Philip came to the hospital in a private car, not an ambulance.

The 99-year-old man seemed to be able to walk well without assistance. Prince Philip's hospital visit and treatment is a precautionary measure and has nothing to do with Covid-19, as reported by the Express.

A source also said that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II seemed to have good spirits. However, he will need to stay in the hospital for rest and observation.

Not long after that, Prince Charles, who was in Gloucestershire, was willing to make a round trip of 320 km to visit his father in the hospital. This will be Prince Charles and Prince Philip's first meeting after they had to be separated due to restrictions on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prince Charles' visit was in the spotlight and led to negative speculation about Prince Philip's condition. One reason is that the current UK regulations only allow hospital visits when a patient is being treated for extra care or when the patient's life support needs to be stopped.

Prince Charles' visit was also in the spotlight after a photo of the visit went viral. The photo was taken when Prince Charles was leaving the hospital. The eyes of Prince Charles, who was sitting while wearing a mask in the car, looked teary.

However, close sources say Prince Charles came to the hospital only to see and meet Prince Philip. The palace also stressed that Prince Philip's condition has not changed since he was first treated.

"Following up on consultation with doctors, The Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) remains in hospital for observation and rest over the weekend and into the following week," explained the British Palace.

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