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Make Web3 Inclusive

Hosted by Debparna Pratiher
Past Event
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About Event

Join us in this twitter space with absolute baddies to talk about How to Make Crypto Inclusive ✨

Here is the Agenda -

  • Introductions

  • Your thoughts on the current state and how we can help make Crypto more inclusive.

  • Discuss tactical solutions that each of us as founders and leaders can implement.

  • Thoughts on the future of this space and what we hope to achieve this year. 

  • Open AMA 

  • Open Pitch Floor for ideas

Here are the baddy Web3 Orgs that will be joining us -


"As we build in the Web3 space, we have an outsized opportunity to elevate underserved communities and provide avenues for wealth creation and distribution, a goal that was never achievable through pre-existing models for the Internet."

Yet today, a study released by Gemini earlier this year found the average cryptocurrency owner is a 38-year-old male making approximately $111,000 a year. In addition, 74 percent of crypto holders are men, and 71 percent are white. And yet, many people in the Web3 community continue to evangelize a narrative of breaking down gatekeepers and scaling cryptography as a mechanism to build trustless networks that can benefit everyone.

This event is meant to bring together communities and leaders in this space to chat about how we as a whole can work towards bringing in a more active dialogue about increasing inclusivity in the Crypto and Web3 space and look for solutions in the following areas: Building inclusive Communities, Funding Mechanisms, Education, Onramps, and Web3 tooling.