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Cover Image for Quantonation: Physics & Compute
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Join us for a round of lightning talks by world-class scientists and entrepreneurs exploring the frontiers of physics and computing tech - quantum, thermodynamic, analog, neuromorphic, photonic computing and more.

Will Zeng, Partner @Quantonation
Nima Leclerc, Research Scientist @MITRE


17.00 - Arrival and mixing

17.45 - Welcome from Will & Nima

18.00 - 4x 15min talks

  • Rodolfo Rosini - CEO, Vaire Computing: reversible computing hardware

  • Connor Hart - CTO, Quantum Catalyzer: quantum sensors for semiconductor fab and more

  • Manish Singh - CEO, MemQ: quantum network technologies

  • Gil Verdon - CEO, Extropic: thermodynamic computing 

19.00 - 30min Break: questions, follow up etc.

19.30 - 4x 15min talks

  • Faris Sbahi - CEO, Normal Computing: probabilistic AI hardware and software

  • Andre Saraiva - Head of Solid State Theory, Diraq: quantum computers from CMOS

  • Manuel Hegelich - CEO, Tau Systems: free electron lasers

  • Wasiq Bokhari - Chairman, Pasqal: neutral atom quantum computers

20.30 - Drinks, snacks, and entropy.

About Quantonation
Quantonation is an early stage venture capital fund investing globally in novel technologies based on advances in physics and/or computing.

1170 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
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