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How to Lower Cholesterol by Orla Walsh Nutrition



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In Ireland, 29% of women and 33% of men over 50 years are taking statins to lower cholesterol and heart disease risk. Diet has an integral role in lowering cholesterol and improving overall risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Making small changes to the way we eat by adding foods into the diet on a regular basis can have a positive effect. Research suggests that improving cholesterol levels by 30% with diet is possible.

This Orla Walsh Nutrition webinar on lowering cholesterol with diet will help you understand what the causes of high cholesterol are and what you can do to address it. It will be prescriptive! E.g. add in this food, in this amount, to reduce LDL 'bad' cholesterol by up to 15%.

By the end of this webinar, you will understand

  • What to eat more of to help manage cholesterol;

  • What to eat less of;

  • What lifestyle changes can have an impact on cholesterol.


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