Courage Muscle Jam



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Welcome to the Courage Muscle Jams

Every month we gather to support and celebrate living with more courage, greater energy, and increased clarity.

The jams are designed for us:

  • To dive deeper, ask questions, and learn how others ignite their inner fire towards action

  • To celebrate and grow from others sharing wins, progress, or anything Courage Muscle related

Going through the Courage Muscle Training is encouraged but definitely not required to participate in these jams. Here are the three main concepts the training goes through.

  1. Courage 💪 "Fear Equals Opportunity " - Courage to act and rewire your mind so that fear equals opportunity

  2. Energy ⚡️ Strong State - Courage to do what's needed to farm living in a consistent strong state

  3. Clarity 🧠 StoryWatch - Courage to capture your mind's stories driving your actions

People arrive at these jams having gone through the Courage Muscle Training on their own or with other coaches, as a TeacherWarrior or a proud Misfit, or from the Transcending Stuttering or Twitter universe.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

For private workshops reach out to [email protected]


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