Cover Image for Local Youth Minister Support
Cover Image for Local Youth Minister Support
Private Event

Local Youth Minister Support

Hosted by New England Quakers
Past Event
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About Event

Are you...

  • providing child care during Worship

  • teaching First Day School

  • leading a youth group

... or otherwise engaged in youth ministry at your monthly meeting or within your local area? 

Let's come together to share ideas/resources, lift up our successes, and brainstorm creative approaches to challenges.  

Here is the itinerary that we follow:

6:50-7:05 Welcome

7:05-7:10 Introductions 
7:10-7:20 Gathering Worship 

7:20-7:25 Show and Tell

7:25-7:50 Breakout Room Check-ins (rose, thorn & bud) 

7:50-8:00 Closing Worship

Email if you have an activity or resources that you would like to share for Show and Tell :)

Looking forward to learning from and with you!