Cover Image for Authorization and Data in Microservices 🤔
Cover Image for Authorization and Data in Microservices 🤔
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Authorization and Data in Microservices 🤔

Hosted by francesca krihely & stephie
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​Some data is only for your core application, some data is only for authorization, but a lot of that data spans both. And this span grows.

Between the dynamic nature of your application’s data model and the amount of application data needed to make authorization decisions, it’s no wonder data management is authorization’s spookiest problem

​If you're encountering this problem now, you might have questions like:

  • ​Where does the data live?

  • ​Is it split across multiple microservices

    • ​How do you consolidate that into an authorization decision?

    • ​Do you have to query multiple services?

  • ​Should all of the data be separate from the application?

  • ​Should some data be synchronized across multiple services?

​We've worked with 1,000s of engineering teams who are dealing with these exact challenges and in this virtual event we’ll share our best practices with you. At the end you will have a better understanding of how to build scaleable and effective authorization systems, with a focus on storing, accessing and modeling the data.

​For a primer on our recommendations read our post on why data is hard, The Venn Diagram of Application and Authorization Data.

55 Going