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Cover Image for Catalyst Sessions: Compliance Ninja
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Catalyst Sessions: Compliance Ninja

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Compliance Ninja

In a rapidly changing tech landscape, the role of the CTO goes beyond innovation and supervision. Compliance is crucial. It's like a map for avoiding risks and improving the organization. It builds trust with customers and gives a competitive advantage. Compliance also drives efficiency and productivity. It protects the company from penalties and legal consequences. Understanding and championing compliance is a strategic imperative for a CTO.

What are Catalyst Sessions?

Come join your fellow 7CTOs members for a session that will inspire you to be the best technology leader you can be! Our Catalyst Sessions are designed to

  • get you connected with other tech leaders in 7CTOs facing challenges like yourself

  • illuminate aspects of your tech organization that will give you fresh eyes on old problems

  • give you the opportunity to help others that might be stuck on a problem that you solved eons ago

Catalyst sessions are open and available to anyone in the 7CTOs Community. If you’d like to invite a guest, feel free to do so! Just let know.


Meet and greet (10m)

Quick training (15m)

Challenge processing (30m)

Debrief until next time! (5m)


Your host will be Etienne de Bruin, founder and CEO of 7CTOs. If for some reason Etienne is not available, someone else will hop in and help.


Don’t forget that we have a whole 7CTOs slack dedicated to your growth as technology leader. Feel free to ask your questions in the #community channel. If you’d like to join 7CTOs head over to to join the community.

Monthly/ Second Thursday of the month (US Session) 1pm PT/ Last Thursday of the month (International Session) 8am-9am PT.

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