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Founders, Startups and a Guitar

Hosted by Tori hanson -
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Founders and Startups Happy Hour, powered by SubWire

After a crazy day of startup life, let's meet up, compare stories and chat with fellow founders over a drink. (happy prices until 7pm).

🍸 Open bar for the first 25 who arrive, or until the tab runs out 🍸.

Attend if....

  • You're a founder, want to be one, or love helping them.

  • You like meeting, learning from and brainstorming with entrepreneurs

  • Love live music - a fab local musician is rumoured to be attending...

  • Just want to get out of your apartment!

Sign up ASAP. Events ALWAYS go to waitlist. See you there.

​​⏰ Time: starts at 5:00pm

​​📍 Location: East Village. Address provided 24 hours prior.

​🍻 Drinks: Open bar for the first 25 attendees (or until the money runs out).

Cash bar following, with Happy hour prices til 7pm. Buy a drink, support the venue.

​​🤝 Organizers:

Competition time...

🤳 Take a photo: Sum up the vibe of the night

🐥 Tweet: Tag @Subwirepopups and @_theknowledgeshop

🥇 Win: Our favourite gets a $50 drink voucher plus free mentoring session with SubWire founders

If your plans change, share with a friend. Sadly no refunds.

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