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About Event

We believe Singapore and SEA have immense potential to unlock the future of web3 through high-quality builder-focused web3 events.

The public square exists to grow the web3 community in Singapore first and then broader South East Asia by creating curated physical and digital spaces for a cross-functional organisation.

If you're a builder, lawyer, product manager, degen or just super curious about web3, come for our inaugural event where we explore the facets of the new internet through different workshops. Join us as we change the face of web3 in SEA, one contributor at a time!


Speakers & Tracks


  • Kishore Bhatia, Core Technology Contributor, Superscrypt

Introduction to Mina Protocol & ZK Programming

  • Brian McKenna, Head of Product, Mina Foundation

Building in Web 3: Legal Issues

  • Guang-yi Yee, Legal Counsel, Ethereum Foundation

  • Daniel Lo, Chief Legal Officer, Cake DeFi

Smart Contracts: From Hackathons to Production

  • Chuck Lam, WAGMI Financial

DAOs: The Future of Work

  • Jemmy, Co-founder, MonkeDAO

  • Sidcode, Steward at KERNEL, Gitcoin

  • Daniel Lim, Community Lead, KopiDAO

  • Alex Teo, Product Lead, Headquarters


We require signups to verify via their ETH wallet due to our intention to issue NFTs (POAP) post-event and also ensure a basic level of interest/understanding of web3 to maximise value for all participants.