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First Sundays For Sound

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Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
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Joseph provides a soothing soundscape using various musical instruments rich with overtones as you allow yoursef to become your own guide on a meditative journey within. One might reach a such a state wherein incredible things can happen ranging from simple needed relaxation to deep self healing. You'll be in a safe environment to experience whatever you may.

What to Bring and What to Expect - Comfort is key, You'll be laying on the floor for a good hour. Please bring your personal nest; something very comfortable and cushy to lay on, a blanket to stay warm, a pillow for your head, a cover for your eyes, and some water in a closed container to sip. We have a few yoga mats, throw pillows and blankets, but the cushier you are the better. A bolster for your knees is good too. We'll start with a brief guided grounding meditation with breathwork and vocalizations, then, in a collaboration with intuition and the energy in the room, the instruments will sound to carry you to wherever you may need to go. The sound itself will last about an hour with time at the beginning and end for sharing and reflection.

Meet Joseph - Joseph Langham VST, LMT is a practicing Vibrational Sound and Massage Therapist in Elizabethtown, PA. Be sure to ask about private sessions. He is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist, prolific singer-songwriter, professional actor, and published playwright. He has been tapping into the creative stream as a pastime and profession for most of his life and has been called to bring these many past experiences into this current offering of sound. He is reading all he can get his hands on about sound, studying under Lana Ryder at Soundwise Health in Lancaster, and is attending the events of and learning from so very many wonderful practitioners in the vibrant local sound community. He and partner, Ariana call Elizabethtown home, run Tōne Sound Massage Energy out of the Kairos Studios in Etown and are the proud pup parents of a suspected mini-labradooodle named Mortimer.