Cover Image for Subsquid & Fuel Tech Brunch
Cover Image for Subsquid & Fuel Tech Brunch
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GM cryptopunks and decentralization enjoyooors.

We're already a few days through blockchain week... it's probably time for a refuel!

Join us for a reset with us, at the Fuel x Subsquid Tech Brunch.

Why join?
- There will be croissants & breakfast buffet
- Plenty of liquidity, including Club Mate, the go-to drink for real Berliners, or those aspiring to be
- Crypto dev insights straight from the source

Talk by David Mihal, Senior Architect @ Fuel

Light-contracts - Understanding Fuel's Predicates
The Fuel L2 features a new primitive, known as "predicates". Learn how predicates differ from "smart contracts", and how to use them to build account-abstraction wallets, DeFi apps, and more!

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​Subsquid Network is Web3 necessiware—a decentralized data lake and query engine for blazing-fast cross-chain indexing and queries. Infinitely horizontally scalable, Subsquid makes the consumer dApps that real people want to use possible, from social media to games and DeFi. Secured by ZK proofs, Subsquid supports over 100 networks. Learn more:

Subsquid docs | GitHub | Twitter | Developer Chat


Fuel is an operating system purpose built for Ethereum Rollups. Fuel allows rollups to solve for PSI (parallelization, state-minimized execution, interoperability) without making any sacrifices.

Part of what makes their language, Sway, so powerful is the fantastic suite of developer tools surrounding it. Subsquid is one of those tools.

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Become a Fuel Contributor – Explore current job openings

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Görlitzer Str. 52, 10997 Berlin, Germany
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