Morning of Mindfulness for Men - The Importance of Rest.


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An “in person” morning of mindfulness for men – The importance of rest

My friend and fellow mindfulness teacher, Niall Nolan and I are both passionate about encouraging

more men to engage with the practice of mindfulness. Unfortunately, in this space, men are often in the minority! We have been involved with different men’s groups over the years and we have always found that there is something very special about a group of men (of different ages and backgrounds) coming together to speak openly and honestly about what really matters. Willing to drop some of their armour and show vulnerability. Willing to learn from each other and support each other. Willing tostay in the space of ‘not knowing’. Not having to rely on alcohol in order to open up. Not staying on the surface with idle small talk about sport or current affairs. Unfortunately most male friendships remain at this surface level. There is often a misconception that mindfulness is all about managing stress or learning to relax. Sure, that often happen. At the heart of it though, it’s about insight and self-awareness. Seeing our unconscious habits and learning to respond skilfully in the moment. Learning to live consciously and in accordance with our values. This is the first of a series of drop-ins. It is open to anyone who identifies as male and who has some experience of practicing mindfulness. We will experiment with different practices and there will also be space to share in bigger and smaller groups. The theme of this session is the importance of rest. So we definitely won’t be working hard! If this speaks to you, we would love you to join us.

When? Saturday 16 th July 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

Where? The Mindfulness Centre

Cost - On a donation basis (€15 suggested donation but please don’t allow money to be an obstacle).