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Your Year of Creative Experiments

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Tell me if any of this sounds familiar?

  • You don't think you're creative.

  • You have ideas but "don't have the time or energy to act on them" (and anyway, you're not creative, right?).

  • When you do start something, you stop after a few weeks.

  • You're quietly (or not so quietly) envious of other people creating and sharing. "They can do that because of x y z, and I can't because of x y z."

I checked all the above boxes for the longest time. Several factors contributed to finally turning that negative mindset around, but the critical shift was learning about neuroplasticity and habit forming. I discovered principles like Micro Speed-Macro Patience and the Compound Effect.

I was inspired to get over myself and my usual excuses and came up with a new approach:

A Year of Creative Experiments. Every month, I picked a new experiment around writing and creating online. No goals, no expectations.

Since then:

  • I made my first dollar online.

  • I built a small but growing online audience (+1.3k newsletter and +5k Twitter)

  • I left my advertising job and started working for Write of Passage (the course I took as my March Experiment).

All because I finally started and did things slowly, with an experimental mindset.

So now, as my final Experiment of the year, I'm running a 1-hour workshop.

I'll briefly talk about what I've learned and why this 'small-experiments-spread-over one-year' approach is so powerful.

But mostly, the workshop will be about you - and how you can start your own Year of Creative Experiments for 2023.

We'll come up with a list of experiment ideas + define your January experiment. That's all you need to get started.

This will be highly practical and interactive, with a writing exercise, breakout room, and group discussion.

So, if you're up for it, here's what to do:

  • Scroll up, sign in and add the event to your calendars. It'll take place on December 21 at 5:00 pm UTC. If you think anyone else would be interested, feel free to share this link.

  • Before the workshop, think of 1 skill or activity you'd love to start or pick up again. This was online writing for me, but it could be entirely different for you. Skills like public speaking, photography, drawing, learning a new language, coding, etc. I'd say the only 'requirement' to keep in mind here: be willing to write about it online - even if it's simply sharing a short update on your socials or a private newsletter to friends & family. The power of this concept is in accountability and in sharing with others. You'll also get much motivation and drive from other people's feedback and encouragement.

PS: This session is free but also Pay What You Want. Honestly, 0 pressure or expectation. But if you find it valuable and want to contribute something - I won't stop you! Super easy to do here.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions:

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