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Inclusive Innovation: Managing a Fintech Company's Future

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Ever curious about the secrets to success of the leading figures in fintech? Now you have the opportunity to learn from the best! Don’t miss the chance to join Nicole Casperson, Founder of Fintech Is Femme, and Lule Demmissie, CEO of eToro US, to uncover the essentials of a fintech company that places the utmost importance on inclusivity. If you have a new project or product in the works, you'll want to take a leaf from Lule's book and learn how to create an open and inviting atmosphere. At the decision makers table, a variety of perspectives are essential for creating the best results. With Lule's guidance, you'll learn how to develop a similar environment and make sure all participants feel comfortable and able to give their input. Don't miss your chance to unlock the keys to success with insights directly from the one and only, Lule Demmissie.

Nicole Casperson

Nicole Casperson is a journalist, podcast host, and the founder of media company Fintech Is Femme, leading the charge to create an equitable and diverse industry. With over 60,000 subscribers to her podcast and newsletter, Nicole is a trusted source of news, insights, and analysis.

Before Fintech Is Femme, Nicole was a finance reporter, covering B2B niches. In 2022, she was named a Top Inspiring Female in Fintech by NYC Fintech Women and has been named a Top Influencer in Financial Twitter by and featured in the LA Times and Nasdaq Trade Talks. She is also a finalist for Fintech Nexus Industry Awards as a 2023 DEI Trailblazer.

Nicole is a sought-after speaker, discussing topics like fintech, diversity, community building, and storytelling. She is also a regular contributor to, writing about topics that intersect gender equity, finance, and technology.