B2B Business Development #1

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Interested in business development, sales, and growth??Want to know how to generate leads like a PRO. This Masterclass is for you!

It took me 4 years of mistakes to prepare for this Class

Through those years:

  • I failed my first business Makanak Car Care.

  • Became on Linkedin's top 5% profiles.

  • Helped tens of companies generate worth of millions of deals.

I designed the best sales outreach class, to share best practices and winning sales strategies.

Actionable tips & tricks that really work, No theories, No waste of time.

Ideal for individuals and companies who want to connect with small, medium, and high-paying customers. 

In this Webinar you will get to know:


This Webinar is not:

  1. A presentation or a lecture training that you can find anywhere on the internet. 

  2. Theoretical speech on tips that were not tried before. 

  3. A master class from someone who did not practice or just give advice out of nowhere.

Webinar's Duration: 2-3 Hours

from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Virtual : via ZOOM

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