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Best cold prospecting secrets revealed ✅


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Event Information

Who this course is for:

If you saw a profile online and thought it would be great to connect with this person, he/she can be a good lead But don’t know where to start and how to do it right, then this session is for you!

This session is for business people who have an interest in sales, business development, marketing, and even recruiting. For those who sell their product or service in either phone, in-person meetings, or virtual on zoom this session is definitely for you.

Ideal for individuals and companies who want to connect with small, medium, and high-paying companies. 

In this master class you will get to know:

  1. Secrets that helped us close deals hovering over 5000$/deal.

  2. Linkedin hacks helped to put Ehab’s profile to be in Linkedin’s top 5% of accounts in Egypt.

  3. How Ehab helped Rubikal to be in Linkedin's top 10 startups.

  4. Templates that showed best results using email and Linkedin.

Below is a detailed Agenda

  1. Lesson 1: Cold prospecting basics.

  2. Lesson 2: The secret to defining your target.

  3. Lesson 3: How to get in touch with anyone on Earth.

  4. Lesson 4: How to land emails in the primary tab & avoid spam:

  5. Lesson 5: Anatomy of the perfect cold mail.

  6. Lesson 6: Mastering following ups.

  7. Lesson 7: Tools in actions.

  8. Lesson 8 Linkedin secrets revealed.

  9. Business case and assignment

This Master Class is not:

  1. A presentation or a lecture training that you can find anywhere on the internet. 

  2. Theoretical speech on tips that were not tried before. 

  3. A master class from someone who did not practice or just give advice out of nowhere.

What will I get

  1. Access to all of the training material and its updates. 

  2. Access to our private FB/Group only for the top business developers.

  3. Weekly private closed Zoom meetings to discuss progress and development after master class (Recorded and available for replays)

  4. Access to monthly meetups inviting businesses to top profile.

Masterclass Duration: 5days


  1. Day 1: Friday 5th, November 2021

  2. Day 2: Saturday 6th, November 2021

  3. Day 3: Friday 12th, November 2021

  4. Day 4: Saturday 13th, November 2021

  5. Day 5: Saturday 20th, November 2021

Cost: 4,000 EGP

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