Cover Image for Policy Lab event 6.6
Cover Image for Policy Lab event 6.6
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Policy Lab event 6.6

Hosted by Teodora Vukašinović
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The rise in the price of Bitcoin has heralded the awakening of the crypto market, but also the continuation of regulatory activities within the crypto industry. On that front, the European Union is particularly active as the implementation of MiCA regulation approaches, along with rules on the cooperation of tax authorities in exchanging information on digital asset trading (DAC8), anti-money laundering regulations (AMLR), and others. Partners of the Supercluster from the European Crypto Initiative briefed the local community on these activities in early February.

Given that the Supercluster continues to actively work on improving the domestic regulatory framework and monitoring EU regulations, the Web3 Policy Lab will organize an event on June 6th, during the Belgrade Blockchain Week, where guests from Serbia and abroad will discuss legislative updates from the web3 industry. The event will take place at the Belgrade Tower, 22nd floor, in the premises of Web3Mine.

- Dr. Joachim Schwerin, Principal Economist at European Comission;
- Marko Janković, President of Serbian SEC (Securities Commission);
- Vyara Savova, Senior Policy Advisor at EUCI;
- Karla Krmpotić, Lawyer at Hrdalo&Krnic;
- Zornitsa Daskalova, Global Head of Financial Crime at OptimaPartners;
- Lana Janković, Head of Compliance at ECD;
- Eric Hill, Head of Legal at Lido;
- Dr. Mirjana Radović, Professor at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade;
- Dr. Minja Djokić, Lawyer at TaxHouse.

Beograđanka, Kralja Milana, Beograd, Serbia
26 Going