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The number one thing I hear from service-based entrepreneurs is that they love the work, they just wish they didn't have to go through the painful process of drumming up business.

If only we could just work with clients/make valuable products and get paid for it, amirite?

So we roll up our sleeves and start marketing. Pretty soon we're lipsyncing, DMing, commenting, bite-sizing our knowledge while also trying to show off our abundant lives.

Which wouldn't be so bad if:

a. It wasn't so time-consuming

b. We didn't feel like we were held hostage to an algorithm

c. It actually brought us clients

Even thought we don't love working this way, we try all the techniques and strategies, because we are committed to sharing our work with the world.

If you can relate to any piece of this - I feel you.

I tried all the things, until one day something clicked and I discovered that it's possible to have a thriving business by doing the things I love and am good at.

I'm not talking cookie-cutter marketing strategy.

I'm talking deep-soul-alignment to every part of your business.

So you aren't ever feeling like you are "waiting for clients" - you are are serving deeply, co-creating with other inspiring entrepreneurs, pulling together your varied interests and knowledge and sharing in-depth, creating powerful experiences - and as a natural byproduct - people are attracted to your work.

They want to work with you because you are in your authority. Authentic. In your zone of genius.

❤️ If you love your work - but aren't in love with your marketing

❤️ If you've tried to be consistent with social media - but feel like you are stuck on a hamster-wheel

❤️ If you've been told to find clients in Facebook groups - but hunting for clients like that gives you the ick

❤️ If you feel like your voice gets drown out by the thousands of other service providers in your field

This workshop is for you.

No more cookie cutter strategies.

In this session I'm going to:

  • Support you in getting clear on what your client attraction archetype is

  • Give you options so that you can create a strategy that is uniquely suited to your skills, desires, and lifestyle

  • Outline how a completely offline marketing strategy works

  • Facilitate hands-on brainstorming for your unique business

So that you can walk away with confidence, inspiration, and next-steps you can implement immediately. ✨


Allison McManis

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