Pisces Blue Karmic Full Moon Magic Astrology Workshop



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This is an incredibly powerful Full Moon for a number of reasons. At the last 29th degree of Pisces is at the most critical karmic degree of the Zodiac.

Also the fourth full moon in a seasonal quarter is highly unusual. To have four full moons in one season between June solstice and September Equinox defines this as what a real Blue Moon is all about. August 22 was traditionally the 3rd of 4 full Moons in a season but this one is the 4th and I can't seem to find a reference to it but it seems like an extra special blue moon.

The Full Moon is conjunct NEPTUNE the ruler of Pisces. This is a very special time to release everything as PIsces i the last sign of the zodiac, to be compassionate, empathetic, realize our addictions, our denial, and to absolutely trust our own intuitions above any other "outside authority." The projections of hatred and shaming is the shadow work that we must all face now as this is like an end of life Full Moon. Doing the shadow work now is what must be faced now or else no emotional or spiritual progress can be made.

A friend of mine astutely said the test of who is really spiritual is now. It's beyond our egos and our petty little likes or not. Look at this full moon as an end-of-life preview.

We will work with dreams and journey through the veils of illusion of Hollywood, mythologies, and thousands of years of Patriarchal and Biblical brainwashing and cleanse all of that sewage down the cosmic drain. To cone clear and cleansed into our own pristine soulful oneness. In fact, we have never been born and are deathless.

Join me on Zoom LIVE for this very intense designed to be a soul shaking event.


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