Cover Image for The Bucharest Hackathon 2024
Cover Image for The Bucharest Hackathon 2024

The Bucharest Hackathon 2024

Hosted by The Bucharest Hackathon
Past Event
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Welcome to the second edition of The Bucharest Hackathon, a dynamic weekend-long event where like-minded programmers from Romania and the region gather to work on groundbreaking software projects and solve tomorrow's coding challenges using the latest, most cutting-edge technologies available.

This year we're going all in on bridging the gap between the digital realm and the real world via blockchain, AI, and devtools. We bring the resources, the fuel, the mentors, and the support you need to learn new skills and build a unique product. Have fun with friends, and make new ones, while experimenting with new-age technologies!

And that's not all! You will also get to meet and chat with our partners, who are leading the push for new and inspiring technologies.

Join us to build amazing tech projects! Your task is to imagine a future iteration of our tech world and write history one line of code at a time. Are you up to the challenge?

Odeon Theatre
Calea Victoriei 40-42, București 010062, Romania