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How to become a Web3 Developer | Part 2

Hosted by Obvious Technology
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The web3 revolution is here.

Some of the finest technology minds in the world are working on web3. How can you shape your career to align with this trend?

Learn the skills & network that you need to become a successful web3 developer! 🚀

This session is a continuation of the first 'How to become a web3 developer' session and will cover:

* Security
* Toolsets
* Building on existing contracts
* Frontends - optimisation
* Best Practices

Important: This will be an intermediate-level session and therefore, basic familiarity with developing smart contracts and solidity is required.

Watch the first session in this series on YouTube.

The speaker for this live event is Jebu Ittiachen who comes with rich experience across technology companies like YahooInfosys, and Ola and is the co-founder of Obvious Technology

Jebu is a full-stack software developer & architect with exposure to multiple programming languages and architectures and is experienced in designing and implementing fault-tolerant and scalable systems for the web.

He is one of the finest blockchain practitioners out there with key contributions to several blockchain communities & protocols. This session would introduce you to the basics of what a Blockchain developer needs to train for.

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