Cover Image for Poolside x Punch Session #3: Sea Angels, Bad Bad Mary , Du Nothin
Cover Image for Poolside x Punch Session #3: Sea Angels, Bad Bad Mary , Du Nothin

Poolside x Punch Session #3: Sea Angels, Bad Bad Mary , Du Nothin

Hosted by Poolside & Punch Magazine
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This third round is something wild..... Are you ready?

They are four and they are rock. Sea Angels, originating from Parede in the Cascais line, play a rock that's decidedly pop and retro with hints of classics. The lineup is traditional: drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, and vocals. With four singles already released, they are determined to perform on bigger stages. About them, we've mentioned the same passion and ambition in the past, and two years later, they're likely even more cohesive with new songs. What we expect from these four talented young women is nothing less than euphoria and the catharsis typical of youth

Bad Bad Mary is a fully independent Pop Rock band formed in 2020 and based in Portugal. With the release of their first single “Follow Me”, in August of 2021, and “Routines”, in October of the same year, the band introduced themselves as Pop Rock act. By following these releases with the debut EP "Pop Up" in February 2022, an important milestone in the band's path, the group cemented itself as an ambitious and multi-genre project in the Portuguese independent scene. About a year after the beginning of the band, a new chapter began with the release of the single “Metro Fashion”, rocking a characteristic sound, approaching everyday themes. Bad Bad Mary are currently working on two more singles, thus opening the doors to a new style of composition, emphasizing the versatility of the members. “Passenger Side” released on March 10th is the most ambitious song yet. The composition presents the listener with an 80s influenced sound, catchy arena ready riffs and a solid rhythmic session.

Du Nothin is the new project of Duarte Appleton, who, in an autobiographical and naive writing style, describes his experiences and thoughts, following an older rock style with references to the Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, and Elvis Presley. The experiences and ambitions materialized with the release of three songs at the end of 2022, the stages multiply, and so do the originals, with two more singles to be revealed to close his debut EP "Du Somethin". At the end of the day, it's just an excuse for a party!

R. Acácio de Paiva 19 21, 1700-003 Lisboa, Portugal