Cover Image for 【IVS PRE EVENT】IVS for Mom&Dad
Cover Image for 【IVS PRE EVENT】IVS for Mom&Dad
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6/28(金) 15:00-17:00(14:30受付)

SAAI Wonder Working Community
東京都千代田区丸の内3丁目3−1 新東京ビル 1階

14:30 受付開始
15:00 イベント開始、登壇者パネル
15:30 グループワーク
16:30 ネットワーキング
17:00 終了




IVS 代表、Headline Asia プリンシパル
島川 敏明(Toshiaki Shimakawa)
大阪大学大学院生命機能研究科卒。理化学研究所で分子生物学/神経学の研究に従事。2017年インフィニティベンチャーズLLP(現:Headline Asia)に入社し、投資活動に加え、IT企業の経営者層が約700名参加する招待制カンファレンス「IVS」の運営や日本最大のライブ配信アプリを提供する株式会社17 Media Japan(現:17LIVE株式会社)の創業メンバー・経営企画室 室長として2年間で日本のライブ配信業界において売上1位を達成する。2020年より代表取締役に就任。招待制カンファレンスからオープンなカンファレンスに進化させた「IVS2023 KYOTO」では1万人が参加。起業家のためのさらに新しいIVSを創るため奔走中。

株式会社Josan-she’s 代表取締役
渡邊 愛子(Aiko Watanabe)
看護師・助産師資格取得後、都内大学病院に就職し、ハイリスク分娩管理に従事。第一子出産を機に産後4カ月で産科クリニックに復帰。 助産師と子育て、両者の立場で感じた社会課題を解決するべく2021年10月に会社を設立。「助産師の働き方」と「産院および子育て世代の課題」にフォーカスし、「助産師シェアリングプラットフォーム」を構築中。

Did you know IVS is child-friendly? Elementary school students get free tickets! There's also a daycare center with English-speaking staff. We'll provide information and support for parents attending with children and have programs to encourage participant interaction. Busy moms and dads interested in IVS, please join us! ✨

※ Even if you are not participating in IVS2024, you are welcome to join this event!
※This event on June 28th is for adults only. Please bring your children to IVS (in Kyoto) on the day of the event

■Recommended for:
・Those unsure about attending IVS because they have children
・Those who want to know if they can attend IVS with their children
・Those who want to know if there is a place to leave their children at IVS
・Those planning to attend IVS but feeling anxious because they don't know anyone
・Those who want to make friends before attending IVS

■Date & Time
Friday, June 28, 15:00-17:00 (Registration at 14:30)

SAAI Wonder Working Community
1F Shin-Tokyo Building, 3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (https://yurakucho-saai .com/#access)

■Time Schedule
14:30 Registration
15:00 Event starts, Panel of speakers
  ・Mom & Dad friendly IVS
  ・On-site daycare center on the day
15:30 Group work
16:30 Networking
17:00 End

■Additional Information:
・Participation is free
・Please cancel as early as possible if you need to, as there is a capacity limit
・There will be another IVS pre-event at TIB on the same day from 18:30. It is only a 5-minute walk from SAAI to TIB!

■Profile of Speakers
・Toshiaki Shimakawa, IVS Representative, Principal, Headline Asia
Graduated from the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University. In 2017, he joined Infinity Ventures LLP (now Headline Asia), where, in addition to investment activities, he manages IVS, an invitation-only conference attended by approximately 700 executives from IT companies, and provides the largest live-streaming application in Japan. In 2020, he was appointed as Representative Director of 17 Media Japan (now 17LIVE Co., Ltd.). He has been the founder of "IVS2023 KYOTO," which evolved from an invitation-only conference to an open conference with 10,000 attendees. He is currently working hard to create a new IVS for entrepreneurs.

・Aiko Watanabe, President of Josan-she's Inc.
After qualifying as a nurse and midwife, she worked at a university hospital in Tokyo, where she was engaged in high-risk labor and delivery management. After the birth of her first child, she returned to work at a maternity clinic four months after childbirth. In October 2021, she established a company to solve social issues she felt as both a midwife and a parent. Focusing on "how midwives work" and "issues facing maternity hospitals and the child-rearing generation," she is building a "midwife sharing platform.

東京都千代田区丸の内3丁目3-1 新東京ビル1階(SAAI)
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