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Capricorn Full Moon Astrology Practical Magic Workshop & Ritual

Hosted by Tara Greene
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If you need to set new long-term goals in your career and transform your values to take back your power then this Capricorn Full Moon is exactly what you need right now.

The Capricorn Full Moon falls on the Solstice Gateway, which is a potent PowerPoint. We will combine Solstice energy with this Full Moon practical Magic career and long-term goals energy to work with Divine Timing. There are multiple factors supporting this earthy fulfillment moon phase of conscious awareness and releasing to open up to the new.

Venus, in Cancer, the planet of women, love, beauty, values and a warrior Goddess is in the sign of the Mother. We have been feeling extra emotional sentimental and need to nurture others and governed by our tummies while Venus is travelling through the Oceanic womb sign. Venus is opposite Pluto the planet of the Soul, the psyche/psychology, death-rebirth and transformation, sex, money power and secrets.

This is a powerful, big soul wealth time for major transformations, emotionally, sexually, receptive to healing our emotional bodies our wombs, our sacred powers of creating anything.

We will work with manifesting our own big emotional and soul wealth to really receive our own beauty, and to support other women, to see beauty all around, to balance our power, as women, mothers, nurturers, and for fertile creativity for career and home/family. There's some new firey energy in the mix too with Mars in Leo.

First woman Lilith will be guiding us as she is conjunct the North Node and she is the way shower and the Collective's compass.

Join me at 7:30 pm live on ZOOM. No previous astrology knowledge required. I will explain in simple terms what the Cosmic Divine energies are mirroring to us.

Bring your astrology chart, you can get it free on There will be Q & A, music, poetry, some herbal instructions, a special guest? The workshop will be recorded if you can't make it live.

Please sign up early as i need to know in advance how many of you lovelies are attending and plan accordingly. Ticket sales will end hours before the workshop date. Thank you so much for all the wonderful testimonials.

Please tell your friends. The actual Full Moon is on June 24 at 2:39 pm EDT.

sending you many blessings.