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🏵 Public Speaking Workshop Sydney

Hosted by The Community Collective
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About Event

The purpose of this workshop is to dive deep into public speaking and facilitation in person in Sydney! We are so excited to be able to connect you in the real world with a workshop led by our very own Cohort #1 Alumnus. 


​Community builders. We host events all the time. But how can we use our speaking and facilitating skills to make the experience amazing?

​In this workshop, you'll practice hands on event facilitation in a safe learning environment. You'll learn from your peers and get tactical tips for how to keep things running smooth.

Specifically you'll learn:

​- How you can lead with your strengths to build your confidence as a speaker
- Facilitation versus public speaking
- Using your voice, body and words
- Speaking without preparation
- Giving and receiving feedback 
- Interviewing guests

​And we'll answer as many of your big questions as possible.

Meet Your Speaker

Lucas Hakewill: Accelerator Program Manager @ UNSW Founders
📍Based in Sydney Australia

​Hi Sydney! Can't wait to meet you in person for this. We'll walk through all of your biggest public speaking questions and get some hands on in person experience in a small group setting.

​In the last ~6 years I've gone from nervous wreck to comfortable public speaker and I'm excited to share some of the things I've learned along the way.

I'm also the startup program manager working at UNSW. I'm forever a generalist so love working with founders in widely varying industries. I love creating things from scratch, facilitating & performing. 

​Previously I've worked across many different roles and programs including INCUBATE, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship and the SPARK Mentoring Program.

Meet Your Hosts

You'll be welcomed at the venue by our local Sydney Alumni Hosts, Zach Zocher @ TechVisa & Holly Hudson @ INCUBATE.

The Venue

This workshop is hosted at the amazing Sydney Knowledge Hub: Level 2, Merewether Building H04, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006.

This is a public event so you're welcome to share this registration link on with anyone else who may benefit from joining us.

Can't wait,

Paz, Lucas and The CC Team