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PSLC Summit: Leadership Now

Hosted by PreSales Leadership Collective
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What does it mean to be a PreSales Leader today?

In 2023, the best PreSales leaders need to be thinking both about their own development and the development of their teams. Asking questions like "what kind of leader do I want to be?" "how do we grow and scale, smarter?" and "where is my leadership needed to help my team and where can I take a step back?" It is a hard job. but at Leadership Now we will be addressing these problems head on.

Leadership Now is a professional summit for PreSales leaders looking to enhance their personal and professional development. The event will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops focused on the latest trends and strategies for success in the PreSales profession. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry experts and peers, gain new insights, and develop the skills needed to excel in their roles.


Leadership Now Kickoff: Your Year with PSLC | 8:00am PST: Curious about how to get the most out of your membership? Hear from the masterminds behind this program on how we are helping you become better leaders today.

Keynote: Space Exploration and PreSales: What Astronauts Can Teach Us About Modern Leadership with Donald James, Former Associate Administrator for Education at NASA| 8:15 am PST

Session 1: Whose Job is it Anyway? | 9:00am PST: During this panel, we will examine different models of the PreSales vertical and discuss ways that different companies and PreSales leaders have collaborated cross-functionally for greater success.

 Session 2: A New Revenue Perspective in 11 Months | 9:45am PST: In this session, we discuss a serious switch of the entire selling motion that turns the traditional status quo on its head to disrupt, forge ahead, and succeed... All before 2024.

 Session 3: Selling and Managing Across Global Lines | 10:30am PST: In this session, we will be diving into the cultural competencies needed not only to sell more effectively across global lines but how to manage a team from different backgrounds more effectively.

Session 4: Layoff Workshop - Are You Prepared? | 11:15am PST: In this workshop, we will be looking at the brass tacks of layoffs and discuss ways in which we can manage through the storm, as well as talk about how to take care of yourself and your team. 

Summit Closing: What is a Sensible Leader? | 12:00pm PST: A modern SC leader is one with incredible depth and perception in both their personal and professional lives. Close out our half-day together by hearing from some of the outstanding members of our PSLC Advisory Board to hear their perspectives on how to stand out as an amazing SC leader and build a path forward for an incredible 2023.

Join us to make an investment in yourself this year for lasting impact in 2023.

Thank you to our 2023 Premier partners, Consensus, for supporting this event.