Cover Image for Bitcoin Builders United: Lunch and Networking
Cover Image for Bitcoin Builders United: Lunch and Networking
135 Going

Bitcoin Builders United: Lunch and Networking

Hosted by Koni Studio (SubWallet, OpenBit) & 4 others
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The Bitcoin ecosystem is revitalizing and making waves, as builders tinker with new technologies to expand use cases. From new protocols on L1 to cross-chain and scaling solutions through L2s, grab your chance to meet and mingle with builders from different sectors of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Organizer: OpenBit

Co-host: Avail Project, Rune Alpha, Nerd Labs, SwapKit

Strategic Partners: LayerEdge, Bitlayer, Bsquared Network, THORSwap, Xverse, Ordzaar, BEVM, BounceBit, NewTribe Capital, L2 Iterative Ventures

Media & Community Partners: sqrDAO, Blogtienao, STC Capital, Retroactive VN, CoinTV, CryptoViet Info, Cryptoholic, Web3Daily, Coinbay, SCI Labs, Spores Network, XomNFT, LC Agency, APAC DAO

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As the first Bitcoin multichain wallet and super dApp, OpenBit provides a one-stop-shop that allows users to connect to and explore diverse use cases on Bitcoin, Bitcoin L2s and Multichain on one single interface. With the mission of onboarding multichain users to the Bitcoin ecosystem and driving the Bitcoin economy forward, OpenBit serves as a crucial gateway through which users can navigate the multi-VM Bitcoin ecosystem with utmost ease and absolute security.



Avail Project

Avail is designed to be a platform that connects different ecosystems by providing a modular, scalable, and interoperable platform. Avail's vision is to provide a cohesive, unified user experience within a flexible and modular blockchain ecosystem, drawing on lessons from Web2 to innovate in Web3. With Avail's foundational DA layer, different ecosystems can innovate on top freely, while leveraging Nexus for cross-ecosystem messaging.



Nerd Labs

Nerd Labs is an on-chain research and analytics firm that drives forward cutting-edge technological research and innovative product development centered around the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Rune Alpha

Rune Alpha is a Super dApp built upon the Runes Protocol (Bitcoin), providing a gateway to dive deep into Runes, keep an eye on transactions, crunch data, and other on-chain activities.




SwapKit’s SDK gives developers API access to a powerful suite of non-custodial, permissionless DeFi tools to interact with 5,500+ crypto assets across 14+ blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain via THORChain, Chainflip and Maya Protocol.



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135 Going