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Retrieval Markets Summit

Hosted by Patrick Woodhead
Past Event
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​✦ Alongside the FVM (Filecoin Virtual Machine), the Filecoin Retrieval Market is one of the most important priorities for Filecoin. It unlocks the possibility of mass adoption for the Filecoin Network.

​✦ The Retrieval Markets Working Group (RMWG) consists of many teams around the globe, all working on building blocks of a decentralised CDN for the Filecoin Network. The Retrieval Markets Summit in Lisbon will give each team the chance to present what they have built so far and their vision for the future. It will also allow the teams a chance to meet each other and discuss how their solutions can work together. Head to to find out more about the teams and their work.

​✦ There will be two tracks at this event.

  1. RMWG 2022 launches and updates

  2. Retrieval Incentives for the Filecoin Network

​✦ This event will include time at the beginning and the end to talk to each other more informally over some food and drinks.