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Advocating for PreSales: Increase Your Visibility

Wed, Feb 9, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC


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Being a top performer in your company and increasing your brand visibility are two critical skills that anyone looking to advance their career should be developing. Your success or failure in the company doesn't just depend on what you're achieving.

It depends on whether you've gained recognition and acclaim within your team and beyond your group's boundaries. That's the only way to get those promotions and new assignments that help you expand your career options and propel your company, team, or project forward. How can you gain more visibility in the face of internal competition for recognition, resources, and promotions?

Building your personal brand is not just about the outside world seeing the value that you bring inside your company.  It's also about getting recognized (and heard) by the right people inside your organization!

Join Alicia Cruz, Bonnie Alexander and Virgile Delécolle as they discuss their advice and strategies for raising your profile inside your company and ways to get involved with different groups for maximum visibility and impact across your organization.

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