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Research shows that what buyers want most from vendors are product demos. But what type of demo should we deliver at each stage of the buyer journey?

Many PreSales professionals categorize demos into two types: the standard demo and the technical demo. In reality there are six critical types of demos that most stakeholders in the buying group must go through to reach a decision. Knowing what the buyer is thinking and the problems they are trying to solve at each stage of the buying process is key to understanding what type of demo to deliver.

In this webinar we discuss the six essential types of demos, their recommended content, recommended length, and who should be  leading them. We'll also discuss the role demo automation can play--where it is useful and where you should avoid it.

Join us as we discuss the 6 types of demos, where they should be used in your sales cycles, and how to make them successful. Hear from Garin Hess, author of "Selling is Hard. Buying is Harder." and Founder of Consensus on leveraging each of the demo types to make your PreSales team more effective.


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