Cover Image for ✅ Q&A: Unlock the Editing Process with AI w/ Chris Banks, Founder of ProWritingAid [FREE]
Cover Image for ✅ Q&A: Unlock the Editing Process with AI w/ Chris Banks, Founder of ProWritingAid [FREE]
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✅ Q&A: Unlock the Editing Process with AI w/ Chris Banks, Founder of ProWritingAid [FREE]

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What does it look like for writers to embrace AI as an editing tool? What if you had personalized writing advice right at your fingertips?

ProWritingAid is a smart writing assistant with the power to transform the editing process, helping writers eliminate poor habits, improve sensory detail, and give initial critique feedback. 

Join us for a  Q&A session with Chris Banks, Founder of ProWritingAid, as we explore how writers can harness the power of AI-driven editing tools to enhance their craft.

We’ll discuss: 

  • How AI tools like ProWritingAid are revolutionizing the editing process

  • Benefits and challenges of using AI for editing

  • Tips and strategies for writers using AI editing tools

  • Future trends in AI-driven editing technology

About Chris Banks 

Chris Banks is the CEO and founder of ProWritingAid, a software company dedicated to helping writers improve their craft. With over 20 years of experience in software development and a lifelong passion for writing, Chris combined his technical expertise with his love for language to create a powerful editing tool used by millions of writers worldwide.

As a passionate writer himself, Chris understands the challenges and frustrations writers face in the editing process. He believes that ProWritingAid can be a valuable companion for writers of all levels, from aspiring novelists to seasoned professionals, helping them to streamline their editing process and produce polished, high-quality work.

About ProWritingAid 

Over one million people have used ProWritingAid to improve their writing. ProWritingAid is your smart writing assistant, providing personalized advice on your writing. For businesses, ProWritingAid provides writing training for your staff at the point of need and at a fraction of the cost of classroom-based training. Fortune 500 businesses use ProWritingAid to supercharge their internal and external communications. Get in touch to learn how you could benefit.

**Held immediately following our Writers’ Hour PT session, in the same room.** 

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