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Proof of Data Summit

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Denver, Colorado
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About Event

Join us at the Proof of Data Summit for a groundbreaking collaboration between Ceramic and Tableland, as we redefine the data management landscape in the decentralized era. This summit is a gathering of visionaries, innovators, and leaders at the forefront of DePIN, decentralized AI, and compute over data, as well as reputation and identity. Together, we're set to harness the power of our distributed infrastructures to transform data into a dynamic force for innovation, trust, and community enrichment.


​Opening Talk: Chad Fowler (BlueYard), Michael Sena (Ceramic) & Andrew Hill (Tableland)
Keynote: Andrew Hill, Co-Founder Tableland

AI & Compute Track

Panel 1:,,
Panel 2: Ben Fielding (Gensyn), Greg Osuri (Akash), Sophia (Tromero)
Carson Farmer, Tableland
Jonathon Victor, Co-Founder Ansa Research
Doug Petkanics, Founder Livepeer
Nick Reynolds, Team Lead VeramoLabs
Juan Benet, Founder Protocol Labs

Identity & Reputation Track

Keynote: Michael Sena, Co-Founder Ceramic
Panel 1: Points
Panel 2: Building Reputation for Permissionless Innovation
Christian Montoya (MetaMask), Sahil Dewan (Karma3 Labs), Simon Brown (Verax), Andrew Hong (Dune)
Antonio García Martínez, Founder Spindl
Seref Yarar, Co-Founder Index.Network
David Sneider, Founder Lit

DePIN Track

Panel 1: Marla Natoli (Tableland), Manolis Nikiforakis (WeatherXM), Yevgeny Khessin (DIMO)
Panel 2: Molly Mackinlay (Filecoin), Evgeny Ponomarev (Fluence), Vukasin Vukoje (Web3Mine), Raullen Chai (IoTeX)
Marla Natoli, Strategic Partnerships Tableland
Manolis Nikiforakis, Co-Founder WeatherXM
Yevgeny Khessin, Founder DIMO

The Proof of Data Summit is a call to action, a beacon for a data-driven renaissance in decentralized technology. Join us in shaping this transformative era.

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Denver, Colorado
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