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India's Biggest Proof of Community Meetup

Hosted by Ramprasad Vinayagamoorthy & 9 others
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Join India's biggest Proof Of Community meetup on 2nd December at Whitefield, Bangalore by Shardeum, SushiSwap, Lighthouse, Cruize Finance, Bitget, and BitKeep.

Agenda for the day

What is Shardeum?
An introduction to Shardeum, its progress till date, community-driven approach, and how you can start building on it.

Panel: Building for Billion Minds
Building on an L1 that can scale with a growing number of users is finally coming true. What kind of opportunities does it create for founders and developers? And how will it be superior to Web2?

Panel: DevRel 101
What is DevRel, what was its role in Web2 and how is it influencing Web3? How can you pursue a successful DevRel career? Get all your answers here 🥑

Panel: Scaling Up For Mass Adoption
Get insights into the works of Sushi, Lighthouse, Cruize, Bitget & BitKeep. Learn what is their BUIDLing strategy in bear market and how are they gearing up for mass adoption.

Web3: India's Opportunity To Shine
India was late to the internet boom that resulted in talent and resources moving abroad. But Web3 is changing that. And how thought leaders, builders, and communities in India can make that a reality?

Food, Drinks & Networking
Talk to web3 builders, grow your network and sign off happily ✌️

About your hosts

Shardeum: World's first L1 that uses dynamic state sharding to increase TPS with addition of every new node.

Sushi: A community-built open-source ecosystem of all the DeFi tools you need.

Lighthouse: Store files perpetually on IPFS and Filecoin.

Cruize Finance: Reap the upside of DeFi while being completely protected from market crashes.

Bitget: Top crypto derivatives exchange and Social Trading leader.

BitKeep: The multi-chain wallet of choice for 6 million users and the top crypto wallet in Asia.

bitsCrunch: Insights for a better future of NFTs

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