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Michelle & Rob's Pronoia Book Club Jamboree Fun Time

Hosted by Rob Hardy & Michelle Akin
Past Event
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About Event

Yo homies! On a whim, Michelle Akin and I decided to run a book club for this wild and weird and delightful book called Pronoia.

The only problem is we're both terrible at book clubs. If this was a multi-month thing with regular meetings, we'd both fail lol.

So instead, we're running a one-night event which will be just as unconventional and fun as the book. Here's what we're thinking.

  1. Grab a copy of Pronoia

  2. Skim through it or flip around to random pages until you find something that utterly captivates and delights you. There's no requirement to read the whole book!

  3. Come to our one-time jamboree fun time call and we'll all share our magical findings in whatever way feels most alive.

The universe is conspiring to shower this event with blessings and delight. Be there or be square.

-Rob & Michelle