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Design Your Next Fulfilling & Life-Changing Reinvention Project w/ Roger Osorio

Hosted by Roger Osorio & Rowena Marin
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Your Summer of Reinvention is almost here!

Layoffs are up nearly 5-fold in 2023 according to CNBC, and the probability of more layoffs remains high.

And for those still employed, according to Gallup, 50% of employees report being disengaged from their work and another 18% are actively disengaged (i.e. quiet quitting movement).

The problems leading to this include:

  • lack of clarity of expectations

  • no connection to the mission or purpose

  • few opportunities to learn and grow

  • not feeling cared about at work

  • little opportunity to focus on what employees do best

Maybe you agree with one or more of these, or perhaps you don't want to be left without a plan B in case layoffs pick up again.

If you're disengaged at work, unmotivated to be at your best when you know you can be better, then it's time to start building your Reinvented Life, one project at a time!

A triple board-certified physician whom I interviewed for my podcast recently shared that projects and side-hustles gave her a reason to wake up in the morning and feel happy and hopeful even when her day job was not satisfying her.

She wasn't ready to quit so she engaged in a project to write articles and record a few podcast episodes. This small project became the thing she looked forward to every week and gave her the strength to stay at her day job until she was ready to move on to a new opportunity.

By the way, that writing project eventually turned into a book writing project which is now published!

My name is Roger Osorio and since 2014, I have helped close to 5,000 working professionals, leaders, athletes, students, and educators take very raw ideas for projects and side-hustles from concept to creation.

I have facilitated 3 day long events all around the world where people learn how to bring a very real idea to life. I have done the same for companies like Louis Vuitton, Orlando Magic, Marc Jacobs, Bulgari, IBM, The World Bank, and others.

In this session, I want to help YOU create fulfillment in your life so that you can feel hopeful and happy again! I want you to show up to work feeling full of life because of the awesome project or side-hustle you brought to life! When you show up in a powerful state, you can even improve tough circumstances at your day job.

Projects are the seeds of future possibilities and ultimately the building blocks of a fulfilling life on your terms.

However, it all starts with designing a project that you can complete in three months or less! And that is exactly what I am going to help you do 💪

In this 90 minute session, you are going to design a project that you can begin working on right away so that you can create more fulfillment, hope, and happiness in your life!

Register now because I am going to limit each session to the first 10 people who register so that I can give everyone as much attention as possible.

I can't wait to serve you on your journey to reinvention!

Don't miss this free opportunity to get that idea out of your head and onto paper in the form of massive actions 🙌

Remember, you are one project away...