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#DevConnect #Istanbul #Women #ProjectAda

Join us for a branch event of the serial women pitch day event "Project Ada" with Web3WomenUnion & ScalingX & Keynes Pay!

​During Devconnect, we're offering a unique experience at HAN Spaces in Istanbul on the 18th of November.

Please feel free to join in the telegram group for the serial event "Project Ada". Sponsorship or Partnership form is listed here. Please feel free to contact us through

Official Event Agenda on 18th Nov at Istanbul Time (GMT+3)

13:30-14:00 Open and Registry

14:00-15:00 Demo Projects Keynotes

Anthurine ​Founding Partner & CMO at EthStorage

Mai Cofounder at Intmax

Sogol CEO at Xtreamly

15:00-15:30 Innovation Session Presentation

Innovation Session: We will have many pre-seed and seed projects presented in the innovation session. Every project will have 5 minutes to present their projects. Just check out directly on the event day~

15:30-16:30 Afternoon Tea Party & Networking

🙌 Listen to the meaningful sharing of several excellent women builders with content on their solid contribution in projects and interesting experiences in crypto journey.

☕️ Enjoy the afternoon on our terrance and get networking with people there.

🚨 Don't miss this opportunity to witness the brilliant contribution and hard work of women builders in crypto space.

​See you there!


About Web3WomenUnion
WWU is a non-profit foundation for the female builders in crypto with a warm community and resources aggregation platform, focused on the growth and development of women in the web3. The goal of Web3 Women Union, at its start date, is to address issues faced by women in the Web3 space, educate more women to join Web3, train and empower them to take on more important roles and evolve at workplaces, support and incubate more women-led and women-developed projects, help women build their brands, tell their stories and speak their voices. The three pillars of Web3 Women Union's ideology are Aspiration, Equality & Rapport. Our slogan is "She's powerful when she's united.", adapted from the famous women's movement documentary "She's beautiful when She's angry". We have hosted several online activities like CHI and ENG twitter spaces and podcasts and also offline community meetups and industrial conferences in China and Singapore.

Twitter | Telegram | Website | Medium

About ScalingX
ScalingX is a venture capital and accelerator dedicated to the Web3 ecosystem, with a mission to bridge the gap between the world and companies at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Our team, comprised of Web3.0 specialists, takes a unique approach that transcends mere investment; We engage with their projects as builders and entrepreneurs. Committed to driving the evolution and maturation of Web3, ScalingX is a proponent of scalability solutions like rollups, which we believe can revolutionize blockchain development practices.

​​​Website | Medium | Twitter

About Keynes
Keynes Group is formed by a group of professionals with a cumulative experience of more than 50 years spanning across private market investments such as private equity and venture capital, banking and finance, legal, finance, hedge funds and capital markets. Keynes aims to build a leading one stop platform in the digital asset space, building a bridge to connect traditional finance and web3 while promoting the development of professional services and market leading technology for compliant digital assets in order to create inclusive value for society. Keynes core product and solutions are digital assets exchange, cryptocurrency trading, OTC, International Education, Pay, Pool, Finance, Capital, Kechat. Keynes Pay have recently closed an $8.5 million seed of funding. Keynes Pay will be using the new funds to improve its digital currency payment card and platform setup. Keynes Pay plans to link fiat and digital assets to build a converged payment channel and have already applied for licenses in the EU, North America and specific regions in Asia.

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About EthStorage
EthStorage is a storage rollup built on top of Ethereum. It provides a programmable dynamic key-value store based on Ethereum's data availability, in particular EIP-4844 and Danksharding. EthStorage recently received two grants from the Ethereum Foundation Ecosystem Program for data availability sampling research and layer 2 research.

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About Intmax
INTMAX’s stateless zkRollup protocol is garnering attention as an innovative solution that addresses the issues of high transaction fees, delays, interoperability challenges, privacy concerns, and centralization found in previous cryptocurrency transactions.

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About Xtreamly
Xtreamly is at the forefront of democratizing and optimizing MEV through the dynamic application of AI on demand. Our innovative platform seamlessly operates across both Cex and Dexes, delivering unparalleled efficiency with the lowest latency and high accuracy. Leveraging our cutting-edge technology, EIP-X, we enable MEV optimization while facilitating block verification in a mobile size. Proudly backed by grants from Ethereum, and venture support from Kyber Ventures, OFR, and Polymorphic Ventures, Xtreamly is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blockchain core technology and advancing the landscape.