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Progesterone: Why it’s Important to Perimenopausal and Menopausal Women

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As we reflect on the 1.8 million women who will enter the menopause transition every year, those of us taking care of them must be keenly aware of how the loss of various hormones affects their lives daily.  

It is important to have in the forefront of our minds that a woman will spend a third of her life in this phase. This is relevant because these are the women who run corporations, raise families, and support communities that affect us all. These are the women who hold institutional wisdom and the key to a changing world.  These are the women who will have the opportunity to help a generation of fierce women following in their footsteps understand the full story of how their bodies change and grow.  And when this knowledge is passed on our communities, our world, and humanity will be able to continue to thrive.

It is with this forward-thinking that I invite practitioners to open their minds and understand the impact that progesterone has on the function of one of our greatest resources: The Perimenopausal / Menopausal woman.   

Learning points:

  • A Paradigm shift: Think of estrogen dominance as progesterone deficiency

  • Progesterone natures Xanax 

  • Do we need to implicate progesterone in the perimenopause /menopause weight gain saga 

  • A little progesterone could help those irregular periods

  • Progesterone the original sleep aid