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Meetup: Designing a career you love (SF)

Hosted by Progression, Jonny Burch & Neil Cameron
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About Event

About the event

In tech, we spend so much time working on our products that we often forget to really spend time on our own careers.

Where does that leave us? In our next performance review, job interview or career conversation with a blank page and bad answers — unable to advocate for ourselves. We've not designed our careers. Oops.

Career Design (or career hacking) is the theme of this event. You'll get to hear from and meet career experts and senior engineers, designers and product folks who have thought hard about how to actively work on your career and make sure you get the most out of it.

Joining us on the panel is:

We'll also have a live headshot photo shoot so you can get your very own wired-style headshot to slap on your LinkedIn and impress your future employers (and in-laws).

What's on?

  1. A lively but short session with practical tips for getting the most juice from the work you're already doing

  2. An opportunity to walk away with your very own shiny headshot at our photo shoot with a pro photographer

  3. Plenty of time to just hang out and chat

  4. Free beer and snacks (of course)

Who are we?

We're Jonny and Neil — founders of Progression — a London-founded company hell-bent on making "HR tools" that employees actually want to use. We believe the whole social contract at work is broken. Current methods of managing teams (ahem, performance reviews) actively push people away. We're focused on careers — it's incredibly hard for managers to support career growth and (we believe) very important for the people in teams to work on.

Over the last couple of years we've talked to hundreds of employees and managers and thousands of teams are using our progression framework-building product. We're about to launch something huge for tech professionals everywhere and are looking to meet you to learn more about how people are thinking about their careers.