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Meetup: Growing tech careers in 2023

Hosted by Progression, Neil Cameron & Jonny Burch
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About Event

About The Event

The world of tech has changed. As tech companies of all sizes lay off employees and the UK and US heads into recession, suddenly navigating a career for yourself, or supporting career growth on your team, looks very different.

  • Companies typically have less cash to spend on both hiring and pay increases

  • There are many more candidates on the market and fewer jobs, so competition for the best jobs has increased

  • The guarantee of another funding round no longer looks rosey, so job security is more in question.

As a manager, how do you keep people excited and motivated in this environment? As an employee, how do you keep growing and ensure you're still being recognised with fewer options available?

What's on?

  1. A lively but short session with practical tips for getting the most juice from the work you're already doing, with special guests

  2. Breakouts for managers and ICs led by the Progression team

  3. Plenty of time to just hang out and chat

  4. Free beer and snacks (of course)

Our panellists

Billy Williams (Head of Engineering, Otta)

Bringing both scaling a fast-growing engineering team knowledge and also all the insight from a company at the heart of this challenge, Billy is truly a double threat. Expect benchmark stats and insights into beliefs and culture.

Grace Hughes (People Partner, Zeroheight, Cleo AI)

Grace has been a huge champion for driving career growth at work through her work at Cleo AI and now Zeroheight. She's living proof that 'people people' can be insanely impactful in driving individual career growth and hiring brands. Expect interesting insights from rolling our career growth org-wide.

Laura Mahy (Product Leader, ForMore, Habito, Deliveroo)

A Product leader who has helped to scale teams in some of the fastest growing tech brands in the UK - and now as a product advisor - Laura has seen lots of product teams. She'll talk about her experience building a PM career as well as balancing business needs and career expectations.

Who are we?

We're Progression — a London-founded company hell-bent on fixing the relationship between employers and their teams through fairer, more empowering tools.

We believe the whole social contract at work is broken. Current methods of managing teams (ahem, performance reviews) actively push people away. We're focused on careers — it's incredibly hard for managers to support career growth and (we believe) very important for the people in teams to work on.

Over the last couple of years we've talked to hundreds of employees and managers and thousands of teams are using our career design platform.