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  • Conveniently attaches to any Arca tripod clamp so you don't have to remove the strap.
  • Hard mounted design keeps your camera secure against your back - doesn't dangle around like other sling straps with swivels and carabiners.
  • Lets your camera sit flat & stable when you set it down.
  • Absolutely secure to your camera, holds 500lb+, locks on with 3M Bumpon and tightens with an included 4mm hex wrench or a coin in a pinch
  • Premium construction for a lifetime of comfortable camera carry. American tanned leather, Lumalon foam, stainless fittings, CNC machined hardware. Made in the USA.
  • Dynamic adjust slide that lets you cinch your camera down so you can run/jump/ride with absolute stability from your rig.
  • Works great with cameras big and small. From a compact mirrorless to a full sized camera with a telephoto lens. 
  • Modular construction for future upgrades, easy configuration changes, and fast field repairs.
  • Arca Loop was designed so you never have to take your camera strap off to use your Arca-Swiss compatible tripod. And it keeps the same hard mounted rigidity of our Loop 3, so your camera doesn't bounce around on your back like other straps.

Strong. The skeletonized machining cuts weight and adds strength where it's needed. And the custom screw allows you to mount it to your camera extremely securely with the included hex wrench (and you can take it off in a pinch with the added coin slot).


Secures your camera to your back. Like our Loop 3, the hard mounted design prevents your camera from swing around many sling straps that dangle from a swivel. This keeps the camera much more secure on your back and you can quickly pull the camera higher for added stability.


Convenient. The Arca plate on the bottom lets you easily take it on and off your tripod. And the strap is compact when you fold it off so it fits nicely in camera bags. You probably won't have to take this off your camera very often.


Sits flat when you set it down. We designed the clearances on the hinged loop just for this purpose. For small lenses, it rests only on the base, for larger lenses, it rests on the edge of the plate and the end of the lens. This is a feature we really really like. 


Premium construction. Arca Loop is fully CNC machined at our shop from solid aluminum with tight tolerances and no shortcuts. The shoulder pad is premium American tanned leather with our Lumalon pad sewn underneath. Premium stainless steel rivets and D-rings. Carbon fiber reinforced slides. 


Gorgeous hard anodized finishes.  You can choose Gunmetal/Red for some added color on your camera. Or Black/Gunmetal for something a little stealthier.


Modular design. All parts of Luma Loop can come apart if needed. This gives it future flexibility with new parts and mounts. And makes it easily fixed if a part gets worn.