PM Interview Prep: Tips to Solve Estimation questions



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Ever faced an Estimation question in a PM interview that made you think really hard for a while? Up your PM game and ace your next PM interview by learning how to solve product estimation questions!

Join Product Buds as we invite Arjun, APM in Google, who is passionate about mentoring aspiring PMs and known for great PM interviewing skills!

Here's what you can expect at the event:

🍃 Tips and Tricks on solving Estimation Questions

🍃 Strategies to effectively ask clarifying questions

🍃 How to know if you’re hitting the right number

🗣 About the Speaker 🗣

Arjun Lalwani is an Associate Product Manager at Google, where he leads a core set of features for Google Hotels. Previously, Arjun interned at companies across the spectrum of startup to big tech, dabbling in the software engineering & product management realm. Arjun is a graduate from the University of Washington.

You can connect to Arjun here: