Live Expert Q&A: How to grow a 7-figure SaaS business using product-led growth with Alison Taylor



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"But we’re product-led. Our product is self-serve. Visitors can sign up and purchase it without the need of any salespeople, right?”

I’ve heard this too many times to count. 

This isn’t always the case. Let me be clear—being product-led doesn’t automatically mean you’re anti-sales.

Alison Taylor, co-CEO and founder of, has built a 7-figure business by combining the best of both the product-led and sales-led world

In this live expert Q&A, you’ll learn:

  • Their unique approach to sales, support, and customer success

  • The best time for the sales team to reach out to free users

  • Lessons learned from growing a 7-figure product-led business

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