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Product Design with Psychology in Mind

Hosted by Irrational Labs & Rob Pierson
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We’ve all been in a bad meeting. Actually, we’ve probably been in a lot of them. A good meeting is hard to get right — but Miter, an early-stage startup committed to improving meetings, is using thoughtful design to change that. Informed by behavioral science, organizational behavior, and human psychology, Miter is developing software to help people organize and lead better meetings.

Miter CEO David Feldman has led teams at Gmail, Facebook Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger and co-founded Emu, a smart messaging app acquired by Google. Dave holds a CS degree from Harvard and somehow still runs a good meeting.

As a seasoned go-to-market leader, Miter COO Damian Wisniewski has built a career around meeting with people. He’s built multiple sales practices at early-stage startups and previously worked at LinkedIn. Damian holds a Mathematics degree from Harvard, an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Dr. Ashley Whillans is an assistant professor at the Harvard Business school, advisor to Miter—and a friend of Irrational Labs. Her research focuses on the links between time, money, and happiness. She is the author of Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time & Live a Happier Life. An expert on time management, she wouldn't schedule a meeting that could have been an email — so you can be sure this event will be worth it.