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PROCESIO Community Updates

Oct 28 (Thu), 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Coordinated Universal Time (+2 more)


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Oct 28 · Thu
3:00 PM
Nov 18 · Thu
4:00 PM
Dec 16 · Thu
4:00 PM
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Event Information

Join our monthly community event to get updates about PROCESIO, share techniques, challenges, and ask questions about building integrations and automation on the platform.

Why attend?
• Understand better what you can do in PROCESIO
• Ask questions and get ideas from the community and our support team
• Meet & connect with the PROCESIO community

PROCESIO is a no/low-code integration platform to build custom integrations and automation. With PROCESIO you can define business logic, prototype workflows, visually test, debug, and build data models, and extend the functionality by building custom actions.