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Predictive Biomarkers and Epigenetic Solutions for Comprehensive Clinical Care

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Genes and genetic variations are known to play a role in the development of chronic disease and illness. We now know that recognizing and learning about these predispositions is helpful. There are, however, many other elements at play that have equal or maybe even more critical roles to play  in optimizing health and managing chronic illnesses. They fall under the study of epigenetics which dictate gene expression and ultimately the course of an illness or  disease. 

This live class will discuss the various epigenetic risks to chronic illness, why this is important,  and streamline for the practitioner, a common set of causes to these issues. Key predictive biomarkers of inflammation (also called repair deficit), immune tolerance and metabolic acidosis will be addressed along with their goal values.  These tests include repair deficit and oxidative damage markers like hsCRP, HbA1C, homocysteine, Omega 3 index and 8OhdG,  as well as  immune tolerance  measured through the ELISA/ACT  lymphocyte response assay and metabolic acidosis assessed through first AM urine pH will be discussed. 

Evidence based clinical management of   long-standing health issues can be put together by addressing a few basic elements. How these predictive biomarkers, their goal values and a supporting lifestyle can be put together to outline a comprehensive therapeutic plan will be explained in this educating session.  

  • You'll Learn:

    • Define basic epigenetic risks to chronic illness and outline importance

    • Learn about key functional assessments and high sensitivity predictive biomarkers of health.

    • Why least risk/highest gain “goal” values are better than conventional “normal” lab values.

    • Learn the importance of lymphocyte response assay (LRA) for delayed hypersensitivities for optimum immune health. 

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