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The Science of Food - Lowering the Inflammatory Load Through Lifestyle

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Allergic reactions are classified into four types. Food allergy profiles detect Type I and IgG subsets we can capture a Type II/III and even IV response, which is associated with a delayed allergic response that is mediated by an immune complexes such as immunoglobulins and complement. Complement reactions to food are medicated by C3d, which is an activator of both the class and alternative complement cascade.  Food allergy testing gains sensitivity when IgG is combined with C3d, and certain pathologies are more likely. 

The immune system has not one way it reacts to foods, but many. As we examine IgE, IgG4, total IgG and complement together we get a better idea of which reactions are blunted and which are augmented. Some of the dissatisfaction from food allergy and sensitivity testing is that not one method is complete on its own. As we look at these immune complexes together as well as how they interact, we can get a more clinical accurate picture that helps us to determine what dietary intervention has the greatest therapeutic value for that patient and condition. 

This lecture will focus on the research around food sensitivities and allergies and why it is viable and critical part of management of inflammatory and oxidative pathologies. Diet as therapy is the backbone of integrative medical care.  


1) To review different immunologic responses to foods such as IgE, IgG, IgG4 and complement and distinguish clinical patterns between them.

2) To distinguish between sensitivity and allergies and determine clinical relevance of each as well as symptomatic presentation.

3) To review how activation of T cells and histamine release play a role in many chronic conditions including auto-immune conditions, heart disease and certain cancers.

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