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Teach What You Love with Product Manager and Rocket Scientist Prateek Jain

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In this fireside conversation with Utkarsh, Prateek Jain will talk about his upcoming course 'Hyper-Growth B2B Product Management’.

Join in to learn about -

  1. Him and his professional journey to product management

  2. About the course details and what you expect!

Become a leader during an exhilarating phase - the Hypergrowth phase. This course is action packed with speakers, tools and frameworks from the world’s fastest growing enterprise product companies that you can immediately put into action.

4 weeks dedicated to levelling up your Product Leadership skills, taught by leaders at the fastest growing enterprise software companies in the world. 

How to think deeply, yet how not to overthink it - how to execute at Hyperspeed. 

Who is the course for


Product Managers looking to accelerate growth, get to Hypergrowth

Something is working, and now you want to press the pedal on the gas, on your products and your career


Transitioning Product Managers from Consumer to Enterprise

You’re transitioning from building consumer products to an enterprise customer type, and it seems like an alien world.


Seasoned Product Managers, looking to build platforms

You’ve built, and shipped features before. But now, it’s time to develop a product offering