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Portal Activation - March CANCELLED

Hosted by Healing Queen
Registration Closed
This event is not currently taking registrations. You may contact the host or subscribe to receive updates.
About Event

Hello Everyone,

I'm not able to hold a live call tonight. Hope to see you next month. In the meantime, here is a Portal Activation from last year.

Portal Activation, a monthly virtual circle, meets to co-create with the day's energy, and the Portal Activation & Vibrational Healing helps us focus on the energetic big picture. I email prompts to help you ground and focus on these elements via Eventbrite messaging at least a few days before we meet. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the Eventbrite confirmation.

​Participants are guided through a series of guided experiences, including visualizations, sound healing, and angel toning to support one's vibrational healing process. I record and share the audio with registered participants via a private sound cloud page link. It's by donation of your choice; however, the suggested donation is $24.00

​The Zoom event is also closed captioning. I invite you to use this time together to explore thoughts that arise from the prompts and welcome the vibrations from the sound instruments.

​Register for the ticket price that feels most aligned with you. This is the price per person. Consider that if you go to a paid live event, you still need a ticket to enter the venue. Just because this is a remote event does not mean you only get to purchase one ticket. Please honor the energy exchange and the preparation to hold this space for the collective. To get a free ticket, subscribe at any level on Buy Me Coffee page. Please note that there are no refunds or exchanges.

Please note that all email communication is done through Eventbrite. So please check your spam folder too. A Zoom link will be sent to you all via Eventbrite email messages.

How to best prepare yourself and your space:

  • ​Ensure you’re in a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed for the session (60-90 mins). It’s a good idea to tidy things up – as it will raise the vibration of the space.

  • ​Find a place where you can lie down comfortably. For example, you could set up a yoga mat and/or blanket on the floor or stretch out on your bed or couch.

  • ​If you have incense, sacred smokes, crystals, and/or candles, feel free to set them up! Make your space cozy.

  • ​Having a glass of water nearby is also a great idea.

  • ​Take a few minutes to be quiet before joining the call; this is ideal.

  • ​I recommend using headphones as the quality may sound better.

  • ​Set up the audio on Zoom to Turn on Original Sound (see advanced settings via the mic tab on the bottom left-hand screen).

  • ​Bring a journal to write down any reflections or insights.

​General Etiquette:

  • ​We are creating sacred space through a virtual platform.

  • ​Plan to begin the video call at least 5 minutes before starting time to give yourself time in case you run into tech issues. Also, to drop in and be ready to be receptive and open to the journey.

  • ​Please try your best to be in a room with no/limited distractions. Notify roommates/family members/others that you will be in a video call so that they know not to come into the room and be mindful of outside sound.

​During the Sound bath, Guided Meditation, or Reiki

  • ​Mute the microphone as I will record the live sound bath and guided meditation for you all to listen to again at your leisure.

  • ​I invite you to have your webcam/video camera on at the beginning of the invocation and at the end to close the circle. If this is not amenable, have your camera off with your preferred name visible.

  • ​There will be an option to view all participants in "Gallery View"; please select this option as it allows us to see each other as though we are together in person :)

  • ​There will be an opportunity to share reflections and observations and ask questions. You can share in the chat box or be invited to share live once the moderator has invited you to unmute the mic.

  • ​Unmute yourself when you are acknowledged to speak by the facilitator.

​If you have any questions, feel free to email: