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About Event

As part of the B. PHL Fest, Indy Hall is hosting an outdoor Pop-Up Coworking lounge for folks who want to get sh*t done and meet great people. Bring work you can fit into your bag or backpack, and join us in the parking lot outside of Location 215 for a day of find-your-flow-working, on-the-go-working, open air coworking.

We'll be coworking and hanging out together on Friday AND Saturday, during B. PHL Fest. Stay for the day, or only part of the day, and enjoy access to the fest inside Location 215, special programming, and happy hour in the evening.

All B.PHL ticket holders are welcome! ⭐️ INDY HALL members must RSVP BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2

Sign-up and let us know when you’ll be there: Friday or Saturday, morning or afternoon. You’re welcome to come both days, you’re welcome to stay all day long, but we want to have a sense of who to expect at what time since the fest will be bumping with people and activities.

WHAT IS THE B. PHL INNOVATION FESTIVAL? A gathering place for creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, students, and industry changemakers from near and far featuring global keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, engaging conversations, and live entertainment throughout.

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